[hankookilbo] Securing EMI semiconductor/active filter source technology
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    2021-07-21 [00:00:00]
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    EMcoretech Co., Ltd. (CEO Jin-guk Kim) is a technology-based startup founded in the laboratory of the Graduate School of Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology. A company that designs and develops active EMI filters and semiconductors for them. The EMI filter, which is essential to block electromagnetic noise in electric vehicles, home appliances, industrial electrical systems and infrastructure, is implemented using a small active integrated circuit (IC).


    Unlike passive filters, active EMI filter technology detects electromagnetic noise, generates and injects an opposite signal, and cancels it. EMCortech solved the problems of the size, price, weight, and heat surge of existing filters by inventing a new structure of the active EMI filter. In addition, we developed a new concept of EMI semiconductor (EMIC) that not only blocks electromagnetic waves but also monitors electromagnetic noise generated in the system by upgrading its functions.


    Emcoretech's staff consists of the best master's and doctoral experts and patent attorneys in this field. So far, they have applied for 43 domestic and foreign patents, and 15 of them have been registered. EMCoretech, which possesses the original technology of EMI semiconductor and active EMI filter, is continuing its efforts to lead the technology.​ 







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