[etnews] EMcoretech develops the world's first semiconductor for electromagnetic wave blocking
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    2022-02-15 [13:34:00]
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    - Target mass production for electronic devices… test drive

    - Prevention of device malfunction due to electromagnetic noise

    - Reduces nail size by 75% in volume and 84% in weight

    - Eight global companies including Japan plan to commercialize it​ 



    Emcoretech, a domestic semiconductor startup, has developed the world's first semiconductor (EMIC) that blocks electromagnetic waves. EMCortech is conducting on-site technology verification (POC) tests with the goal of mass-producing electronic device products of global electronic companies and automakers.


    EMC Autotech announced on the 15th that it has developed an electromagnetic wave shielding semiconductor (EMIC) and is conducting POC tests with eight global electronic device and finished car companies. The company explained that it is promoting tests with the goal of mass-producing EMICs for electronic devices such as electric vehicles, home appliances, and energy storage systems (ESS).​ 


    The EMIC is a semiconductor chip that blocks malfunctions of electronic devices due to electromagnetic wave (EMI) noise that enters the electronic device. The semiconductor and the active element module composing it operate by detecting EMI noise in advance with a current sensor and canceling it by injecting the opposite noise with an isolation transformer.


    Electronic devices initially blocked electromagnetic waves with an EMI filter made of passive elements. However, there was a limit to reducing the size while blocking electromagnetic noise to a level of 60 to 70 dBuV as electronic devices became high-output and miniaturized.​ 




    EMCortech reduced the EMIC to the size of a fingernail. Active element modules as well as chip peripherals were implemented at the size of a 100 won coin. Sang-Young Sang, chief technology officer of EMCortech, said, “EMIC digests the EMI filter function released on the market and removes up to 98% of noise. can be reduced by up to 84%.”


    EMIC is expected to be commercialized for global companies. Application tests such as large TVs, electric vehicles, high-power home appliances, and industrial inverters are being conducted with eight global companies. In the case of Japanese electronic device makers, commercialization is expected this year.


    EMCOITEC is a semiconductor startup founded by Professor Jin-Guk Kim of Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). We applied for 49 EMIC patents and registered 18 cases. As EMI technology is receiving attention in the electronic device market, global companies are pushing for the expansion of POC application. EMCortech expected that sales would start in earnest once the POC test was completed.​ 









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