[TWnews] EMcortech acquires active EMI IC new technology (NET) certification
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    2022-09-29 [14:28:40]
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    [Jeju Transportation Welfare Newspaper Reporter Somin Lee] EMcoretech said that its IC-type active EMI filter technology with magnetic insulation structure was granted 'NET: New Excellent Technology' certification awarded by the National Institute of Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 22nd. announced on the 29th.​



    The technology certified this time is an active EMI module technology that implements an electromagnetic wave shielding (EMI) circuit through an insulating structure, utilizes a low voltage device in a high power system, manufactures an electromagnetic wave noise cutoff circuit IC, and has an electromagnetic wave shielding (EMI) function.



    As a feature, it is possible to secure excellent heat reduction effect through the electromagnetic wave noise reduction function and IC conversion, and it is possible to secure the security enhancement and function expandability through the IC conversion, and to prevent various industrial accidents by securing the electromagnetic wave noise monitoring function. .



    At a time when strong regulations and policies against electromagnetic noise are being enforced around the world, and electric vehicles and high-power charging systems are the hot topics in the industry, an active electromagnetic filter solution (Active EMI Filter) that can replace the existing passive EMI filter is the solution. The foundation has been laid to fulfill the role.



    In addition, out of 150 companies applied for this NET certification, only 29 cases (18%) were selected, which is a feat that was recognized in technology development competitiveness.



    Koh Young-wook, CEO of EM Core Tech Co., Ltd., said, “With this certification as an opportunity, we will move forward for a better EMI solution than now. We ask for the interest of many companies as it can contribute to increase exports to overseas markets.”​ 








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