[sisa news]EMcoretech, a company specializing in active electromagnetic wave blocking solutions, dev
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    2022-08-05 [10:00:00]
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    [Reporter Kim Nam-gyu] EMCortech Co., Ltd. is a company that provides IC-based active electromagnetic interference (EMI) solutions. The world's first IC (EMIC) that can block electromagnetic waves was developed and an active EMI filter module using it was developed. 


    ​In addition, it is developed based on active EMI filter and Active EMI Solution technology that removes harmful electromagnetic waves (EMI) generated from electronic products such as various home appliances and electric vehicles through active circuits. To overcome the limitations of the price and size of the existing passive EMI filter in high voltage/high power situations, we intend to develop active EMI and replace the existing passive EMI filter. Through this, we aim to lead the world in new technologies of the Active EMI filter method in line with the miniaturization and technological advancement of electronic products. 


    Through the active EMI design technology and EMI data accumulated over the years, it provides efficient IC electromagnetic noise monitoring service, AI solution that enables EMI detection and judgment, and online platform to provide various types of EMI response services. 


    ​EMCoretech's main products include Customized Filter Module, Standard Filter Module, Evaluation Board, electromagnetic noise reduction technology, electromagnetic noise sensing technology, and EMI/ESD measurement/analysis technology. 


    ​The Customized Filter Module is a module designed by customizing EM Core Tech's active EMI filter to be applied to the customer's request and existing modules. to be. 


    Evaluation Board Active EMI solution evaluation board is a product that can check the compatibility and suitability of a customer's existing module, and is a production version of the evaluation board that includes all relevant components and connectors. 


    Electromagnetic noise reduction technology is one of the core technologies of EMI specialized company EMCortech. It is a noise reduction technology that cancels EMI. Active EMI solutions certified in various fields have the strength to offer all solutions to electromagnetic waves. 


    Electromagnetic noise sensing technology creates an environment that can easily respond to related EMI problems by extracting customer noise environment information using monitoring data, and EMI/ESD measurement/analysis technology is the It is a technology that can provide all data on various EMI/ESD such as discharge-type static electricity and pulse-type EMI to customers through measurement and analysis skills. 



    Recently, as the use and importance of power conversion systems such as electric vehicles and energy storage systems are spreading and EMI noise is increasing, while limiting standards have become more diversified and stricter, the interest and importance of active EMI filters and related solutions are increasing. have. Active EMI filter is a very promising technology that can reduce the size of the existing passive filter as well as the price. However, although many papers show excellent performance, research for practical use is quite insufficient. Active EMI filters will be put to practical use as soon as possible, applied to electric vehicles and industrial high-power systems, and EMI solution of EMCoreTech will be applied to all home appliances in the future. have. 


    With the participation of Korea University's Sejong Startup Support Center's “2022 BIG3 Innovation Startup Package” project, EMCoretech increased the number of registered and applied patents from 53 to 62 (16% increase) intellectual property and secured original technology IP. Representative patents registered include 'current compensator' and 'low voltage plasma ionizer', and applications include 'AEF with data storage' and 'active compensation device providing electromagnetic noise data'


    In addition, the “2022 BIG3 Innovation Startup Package” has greatly helped EMcoretech in its intellectual property rights, and will continue to do its best to secure original patents and strategic IP portfolios for insulation structures and active EMI filters. .​ 


    Ko Young-wook, CEO of EMCortech, said, “At this point in time, as high oil prices continue to rise due to global issues and companies are also interested in cost reduction and ESG management, it is possible to reduce the size, cost, and weight of existing parts by more than half. The only solution available is EM Core Tech's Active EMI Solution, and it is expected to grow rapidly due to many inquiries from domestic and foreign companies in the future.” He also said, “While PoCs with leading domestic and foreign companies are still in progress, there are companies whose future plans have been confirmed by obtaining practical results.


    Kim Jin-guk, CEO, said, “We will do our best to become a company that is helpful to companies that are suffering from EMI problems. We will grow as a company, and we ask for your interest and support for EM Core Tech.”​ 



    ※ Standard Filter Module, Evaluation Board 




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