Opened EMcoretech Dongtan R&D Center
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    2023-01-09 [12:46:38]
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    [Opened EMcoretech Dongtan R&D Center]


    Dongtan R&D barnch was established on December 13, 2022 and recently opened in order to expand EMcoretech and provide preemptive and prompt technical services to customers in the metropolitan area.

    CEO Kim Jin-gook, who started as a university venture at UNIST and founded the company, said,

    From 2023, when mass production of the world's first EMI-only IC chips will begin in earnest, many inquiries from electronic product companies are expected. So, as an active company policy, it was decided that a branch and R&D center located in the metropolitan area were necessary.

    In addition, CEO Ko Young-wook, who is in charge of management and technology commercialization of EMcoretech, said, "Recently, venture capital (VC) invested in us as we received certification for NET new technology and selected best practices for institutional business execution. So, the smooth establishment of the branch was possible." said.

    EMcoretech Dongtan R&D Center is a laboratory of 300​ and is established as a base for researching new technology for blocking and canceling electromagnetic waves by bringing in the latest R&D equipment, and will actively develop EMI technology and manage quality.


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