All about Total EMI Solution Company

In past passive EMI filters are showing limitations, and with the development of technology, electronics need more current. As a result, the influence of electromagnetic waves is increasing. EMcoretech is the world's first company to develop Active EMI IC (EMIC). In addition, solutions that solve various EMI/EMC problems using EMI big data that no one has ever tried will be developed in the near future.

We will soon become the best EMI company in the world.
If you would like to cooperate with us or experience Active EMI Solution, please feel free to contact EMcoretech.

Ko Young-wook CEO
  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering
  • Vice President of ‘MSTKOREA’
  • CEO of JBH, CO.
  • CEO of 'Future & Technology’
Kim Jingook CEO
  • Ph.D, Electrical Engineering
  • Samsung Electronics Senior Engineer
  • Missouri University research prof.
  • (Currently) Professor at UNIST